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Wwe Flex Force Super Jumpin' Rey Mysterio Action Figure

Rating 4 Stars
Wwe Flex Force Super Jumpin Rey Mysterio


Color: colors as shown
Package Quantity: 1

Marvelous hero Wwe Flex Force Super . Just one of the characteristics is the just pull your flex force figure's arms or legs back and release to recreate their signature moves. The color for the WWE toy is colors as shown. It's dimensions are 12" Height x 7.5" Length x 3" Width and weighs something like 0.45 lbs. To learn more about this WWE toy, click on our partners via the link.

World Wrestling Entertainment Flexforce Action Figure Collection: Now your favorite WWE action figures can deliver match-ending finishing moves. Just pull your Flex Force figures arms or legs back and release to re-create Superstar signature moves. Come out of nowhere to take down your opponent with John Cenas Powerslam, CM Punks Flying Clothesline, Rey Mysterios 619, and a lot a lot more. Reenact these moves and a lot more with Flex Force action figures. Match together with Mattels WWE Colossal Crashdown Arena Playset (sold separately) , to create your really own main occasion.


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